Seat Availability



CourseNumberSection should be of the form CCCNNNSS, where:

CCC is the 3-letter department code. It is necessary to use all 3 positions, even if the department code has only 2 letters. Most departments with 2-letter codes have the space in the middle, such as "MspaceE" for Mechanical Engineering and "IspaceS" for International Studies. Computer Science has the space in the last position (i.e. "CSspace").

NNN is the 3-digit course number.

SS is the 2-digit section number.You must use both digits. For example, use "01" for section 1, not "1".

Do not put spaces between CCC and NNN or between NNN and SS.

If you omit the section number, you will get all sections of the specified course. If you omit both the course and section numbers, you will get all courses in the department. You must specifiy at least the department.

Here are some examples:

   MTH121     All sections of Math 121
   CS 10602   Section 2 of Computer Science 106
   M E40901   Section 1 of Mechanical Engineering 409
   ATG        All sections of all Accounting courses